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Web Directory Concept

A web directory is a special kind of site created for the purpose of collecting links to other sites. Just like old style Yellow Pages directory listing businesses by location, by industry etc.,  a web directory sorts the sites it lists by certain principles. A directory normally has categories and subcategories and the sites are placed into the subcategory most closely describing the site topic.

In the early days of the world wide web, there were few sites and web directories served the purpose of mapping the web and making it easier for the users to find what they were searching for. As the web grew bigger, most directories had trouble catching up with its growth but some have succeeded and became authorities in their area. Did you know that Yahoo – one of the biggest search engines of today’s Internet – has started as a directory where its owners collected the links to sites they personally liked?

Web directories can be general and topically specialized. An example of a large general web directory is Best Of The Web. A good example of a specialized directory would be Technorati’s blog directory – it list links to blogs and blogs alone.

Web directories can also be classified into free ones and paid ones based on the principle they use for accepting links.

Submitting a web site to directories is a popular SEO technique webmasters and site owners often use to get quality links to their sites, increase their PageRank and improve their site’s positions in the search engines.

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