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Ideas of Directory Promotion

A popular, high quality authority directory attracts thousands of users – and thousands of site submissions. Running such a directory can be a lucrative business. But how can a directory owner promote a directory to achieve this level of popularity?

Some directories require a link back from each site submitted to them. They hope that in this manner they will be able to accumulate a large number of links to the directory. But forcing people to link to your directory is not such a good idea really. A much better and subtler way to do it is ask people to support your directory if they wish to do so. Having a nice button with the directory logo also helps here. People will be more willing to place a nice looking aesthetic inobtrusive button on their site than create a special page to place tons of links to reciprocal directories.

If you have a high quality directory and select your content carefully people will be more willing to link to you and recommend your directory to others. On the other hand, accepting sites of low quality will make people stay away from your directory.

There are sites and blogs dedicated exclusively to directories – for example, sites that announce the launch of new directories, or some news about most interesting directories, or write about using directories to promote a site – it is a good idea to contact these sites’ owners and tell them about your directory.

When you launch a new directory, redesign your directory, introduce some new feature on it, make sure you write a press release announcing your news and post it to the main press release sites – such as PRWeb. Publishing a press release will help you grab the attention of those potentially interested in your directory.

With the number of low-quality general directories out there, it is getting more and more difficult these days to start and successfully promote a new directory. You need to make your directory unique in some way and offer something other directories do not have. Yet, yhour unique feature should still be useful to people. Sure it is difficult to come up with something like that – but it will pay off. Another way is to create a niche, topically-oriented directory for some topic not covered much so far. Maybe you will create just the resource webmasters and users have been waiting for – and it will bring you success and popularity.


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