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How To Get a Site Listed in Top Directories

Authority directories have achieved their status due to the high quality of their content. It is every web master’s dream to get their site listed in DMOZ or Yahoo Directory. But it is extremely difficult to get accepted.

Yahoo Directory charges a fee for the editorial review when you submit your site. If your site is accepted this fee will be charged yearly and your site will be reviewed again for conformance to their editorial quality guidelines. In order to get accepted, follow the instructions listed on Yahoo Directory submission page. Make sure your site is fully functional, no pages are missing, the content of the site is unique, there are no grammar errors, the site is easy to navigate for the user. Provide a title and description that correspond to your site’s actual content. Double check everything you put into the submission form. This seems like a tough job but it’s worth it.

Getting listed in DMOZ is even more difficult, albeit free. Again, the main rule here is make sure your site is perfectly operational and the content is unique and will look valuable to the DMOZ editors reviewing your site. You stand better chances to get accepted if your site offers to the visitors something no other site has. Make sure you choose the most applicable category for your site. Follow strictly all the requirements listed by DMOZ. Fill in the submission form carefully and make sure everything is correct. Do not get disappointed if your site isn’t listed next day – infact, it can take many months for an editor to review your site.


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