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Authority Web Directories

There are hundreds of thousands of directories out there – yet some are not quite as respected and valued as others. Depending on the age of the directory, its size, reputation, quality of sites it lists and how well known it is, some directories are considered authority directories while others have little to no value.

One of the most respected directories is DMOZ. It is also known as Open Directory Project because it is powered by volunteer editors. When webmasters submit their sites to DMOZ the editors of the category it is submitted to review the site and make a decision whether to accept the site and list it in the directory. DMOZ is a free directory as you don’t pay to have your site listed in it but it is extremely difficult to get listed in it as the quality requirements are extremely high. One of the reasons why DMOZ is so respected is that Google uses it for building its own Google Directory. But DMOZ itself is an independent directory that does not belong to any search engine.

Another authority directory that webmasters are eager to get listed in is Yahoo! Directory. This is the exact same directory that Yahoo! started with. Later on, Yahoo! grew into a large search engine that can crawl and index sites and has its own algorithm for displaying the results to users who search for something – but the owners of Yahoo still maintain the directory as well. Yahoo Directory is a paid one, but paying a fee does not guarantee your site will be accepted and listed – this is just a fee for the review.

One more authority directory worth mentioning is Best Of The Web. It is one of the oldest directories on the web that has been started in 1994. It is not associated with any search engine but it is a large general directory that has a large number of categories literally on any topic. Like Yahoo Directory, BOTW charges a fee for site submissions – but due to its authority status, webmasters are eager to get their sites into it anyway.


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