Welcome! Today I'm offering you the new, royal way to market your sites online using the proven method to gather one-way backlinks, directory marketing.

What am I offering you today, the seventh release of a 76-page complete guide for directory marketing today, includes:

Since its launch in March 2009, this ebook has been a great success and received positive acclaim from both its readers and the industry peers:

"Links are the lifeblood of the WWW. But they are getting harder and more expensive to build. At $20 this book is a steal. If it helps you find just a couple new link sources you are ahead. But most likely you will find many more. Hurry up and buy it before he raises the price :-)"

Aaron Wall, SEOBook.com
"The book contains pretty much everything you need to know to market your website successfully through directory submissions. The book is aimed at beginners and allows a complete novice to be an expert at directory submission by the end of the book. However, even an old hand at directory marketing will benefit by reading the book; it will help you organize your thoughts and also contains several tips and insights that I had not previously seen elsewhere.

It is popular nowadays to bash directories, and unfortunately, many in the market have given good reason for this. That being said, directory marketing is still one of the most powerful ways that a webmaster can market their website. IrishWonder’s book shows exactly how to do this through paid directories, free directories, local directories, and niche directories. To boot, even though IrishWonder has a reputation as a Black Hat SEO, everything in this book is not only White Hat, but likely timeless advice, which in the SEO world is unusual.

<...>Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to all webmasters."

Jeffrey Behrendt, AvivaDirectory.com
"...the most comprehensive, no-fluff truly usable guide to, well: directory marketing (including link building) I've ever seen.

While it covers all the basics, ranging from the history of directories to why links are important, how to to find authority directories, paid directories vs. free directories, niche and local directories, how to get the most out of directory submissions, plus a slew of nifty tricks and short cuts (including reviews of excellent tools).

However, what I personally found to be the best part of it all is his bonus list of directories <...> Over 4k directories? Yes, you read right, and IMHO this list alone is definitely worth a multiple of what he's charging for the entire book. If nothing else, it will give you a humungous overview of the countless opportunities you may (and probably will have) missed in your link building and SEO opportunities. (And yes, it's a strictly white hat book!)

Highly recommended!

Ralph Tegtmeier, Fantomaster.com

...it's a good solid education in using directories as one method of marketing your site. And yes, you'll hear time and time again that directories are no longer useful for search marketing, but don't listen to everything you hear. Done RIGHT, it can still be useful. IrishWonder shares some very nice insights into finding the right directories that will make a difference.

Donna Fontenot, webchicklet.com

Yesterday I found something that turns directory submission inside out, upside down, and shakes all the crap out leaving us with pure whitehat link gathering energy. A respected SEO has taken his notes and reports going back years and has put his knowledge of directory submission in PDF format for us dummies.

I got my hands on a copy as soon as I heard about it. I've read it, digested it, and I love it! The man is IrishWonder and he has done a superb job of clearly conveying the How and Where of directory submission. His writing style is easy on the eyes and easy on my brain, (very simple).

This is not the same stuff you read on forums or in blog posts. This is IrishWonder's own methods and techniques that he refined over the years for his clients. The way IrishWonder explains it, can be done by the average Joe like you and me.

Bompa, blackhatbootcamp.com

Well-known by professional SEOs and even regarded as somewhat outdated, directory marketing is considered to be a thing of the past by many. Before I tell you why it isn't so, let me answer one question that many wannabe ebook writers fail to answer, or answer unconvincingly: why am I doing this?

It's well known that those who can, do, and those who can't, teach- thus a person that teaches by his own example should be able to say, why does she spend his precious time on writing a book that maybe will get some puny sales instead of doing her wildly successful business. Many ebook writers say that they share their "amazing secrets" due to the love of humankind, burden of some incredible "inside knowledge" that just needs to be relieved (by releasing a costly ebook, obviously), or some other bullcrap like this. I refuse to believe this myself and don't advise you to believe in this.

A bit about me: my name is Irishwonder, and I am a renowned blackhat SEO with years of experience and wide community recognition (my blogs, irishwonder.com and irishwonder.syndk8.co.uk, are both charted in every credible list of top SEO blogs). When I say that I'm a blackhat SEO, I don't mean that I'm a consultant (although I do that too), a paid employee, or an entrepreneur. I do search engine magic - just like a stage magician makes objects appear out of nowhere, I make sites appear in the top rankings of Google out of nowhere, getting my hefty income from this. Besides my own blackhat experiments and money making efforts, I sometimes do whitehat SEO consulting for clients asking me about such complicated issues as site bans, competitor activity investigation, SEO strategy development for their sites in a multitude of different market niches, and so on. My services are pretty expensive - but my clients are ready to pay me for them as they get their investment back tenfold - in other words, I do not give them any bullshit and my advice works. Successful I may be, there are still only 24 hours in my day and still only 7 days in my week - thus, not all my essential needs (like a mansion in Miami) can be covered by this income.

Miami mansion
A $8.5M Coconut Grove (Miami) mansion currently for sale

So here's the answer - I'm doing this for the money. Of course I don't believe that this ebook will sell eight million dollars worth of copies to make me move to the Coconut Grove; rather, I believe that you can.

Yes, you read that right. If you are interested in what I can offer, then you are either a professional SEO, or a beginner in the trade, a seasoned consultant, a confused IT guy tasked by his corporate overlords to promote the company's website, or maybe an entrepreneurial stay-at-home mum.

In any case, you have a potential to make a lot of money doing what you do - and if I help you in that, if I bring you real value, you may want to reinvest in me. By getting this book and my further books you're just investing in your net worth, either making you more money directly, or increasing your net professional worth.

What I teach you in this book alone is enough to let you start your own directory linkbuilding SEO service - and do it better than 95% of directory submission services existing in the market today do.

In either case, my Coconut Grove house is nearby.

Let's cut to the chase.

In this ebook, I will lead you step-by-step in one of the fields of search engine marketing I am proficient in - directory marketing - from choosing your keywords to knowing what to do to using industrial-strength software to get numerous juicy directory links the way experts do it.

And if you're still not set to get a copy of Directory Marketing Reborn, please review this list of amazing bonuses we include for you - and the current market price for them indeed is higher than the total retail price of this marvelous ebook:

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