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How do Directories Charge for Listing Sites?

There exist several popular models by which directories operate. There are free directories, paid directories and directories requiring a reciprocal link for placing your link. There can also be different combinations of the above listed types but these are the basic principles.

Free directories do not require any for of gratification for placing a link to a site in their listings. A good free directory, however, will still use editorial review for the sites that are submitted into it and being free does not necessarily mean it is easy to get listed in it. The example of such a directory is DMOZ – no payment in any form is required but the editors follow very strict quality guidelines.

Paid directories can be of several types. Some of them will place a link to any site whose webmaster pays them, regardless of the quality of the web site. Others will still review the site before accepting it and may or may not refund the fee in case the site is not accepted. Yahoo Directory, for example, charges a fee for the editorial review and does not refund it regardless of the result. The terms of paid listing in a directory can also vary – there are directories that have one-time fees, monthly fees, yearly fees or even multiple options.

Directories that require a reciprocal link from the site they are listing do this in order to boost their own popularity and pagerank. While this is understandable, it is probably not what the webmasters submitting a site to directories are looking for. Linking from your site to a popular authoritative directory that is on topic for your site is ok – but linking to tons of directories of low quality is not a good idea.


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